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LORENTZ surface pump systems are used as circulating pumps for swimming pools and any other filtration systems. LORENTZ surface solar pumps are, also used as booster pumps for industrial applications.The new PS CS-F surface range uses our market leading PS 600 / PS 1800 / PS 4000 controllers and ECDRIVE drives coupled to a surface pump end. The pumps are being introduced to meet the market need for high flow pumps typically in irrigation applications with flow rates up to 59 m3/h. This further extends our product portfolio and continues to ensure LORENTZ is the world’s number one solar water pumping company.

ATON Egypt is constantly searching for the best solar modules at the best price. We supply a variety of brands of PV Modules such as LORENTZ, CanadianSolar, SUNTECH and TrinaSolar. That is to help you choose what the best is for you.

Swimming Pools

The most efficient application of all renewable energy systems is to circulate water in the Swimming Pool only by the power produced from the sun, which means no more electricity costs for the next 15 years. LORENTZ Pool Pump System with 4 to 6 PV panels runs the pool from Sunrise to Sunset every day around the year even without sunshine, circulating more water which means fewer chemicals, less maintenance, and NO electricity costs anymore.
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